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AD5383 having difficulty getting an output using SPI


I bought EVAL-AD5383 (obsolete) and I am trying to use SPI to communicate to the DAC.

A little history on my experience using Analog Devices DAC:

I have previously evaluated AD5371 using an eval board and then prototyped a design using microcontroller and SPI communication successfully.

Now with the AD5383; I am not using USB to connect to the DAC or the AD software. I am using header J10 to interface with the DAC using SPI communctions.

My Connections are

GND - Ground to My microcontroller;

BUSY -GPIO pin on my mirocontroller

SYNC - GPIO pin on my mirocontroller

DIN- SPI data in

SCLK- SPI clock

LDAC - GPIO pin on my mirocontroller

LK1 - On

LK2- On

LK3- On

LK4- Position B

S1 - L

S2 - L

S3 - L

S4 - L

S5 - H

S6 - L


I am trying writing 0x00FFFC  (000000001111111111111100) to get 5 V on Vout0. I am not getting any output on Vout0 (Vout0=0).

the signals are getting to the dac but the busy pin doesn't get low (i probed it) when i write the to the DAC.

Do I have to write to CLR and RESET?  a 24 bit string?

in the AD5371 I had a digital I/O pin to go high or low I don't have that in this board?