ADAU1966A initialization question

I am using this DAC in a PA design. The firmware folks say that during initialization, the output goes to 1.65V. (This is our mid level voltage which drives preamps. 3.3 VCC) This voltage output is causing a pop to be heard through the speakers. It would be beneficial if the DAC would come up with 0V out of it at init rather than 1.65V. I found it baffling that this was not possible. Before I get into the data sheets too much, is this a possible outcome for this part? If not, do you have any suggestions for me on how I might mitigate this issue?

(I should mention that the 'fix' I have implemented is to turn off amp, init DAC and turn on amp. This improves the pop output to where the pop is much lower, but having the DAC output 0V at init should eliminate it completely.)

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