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EVAL AD5360 No output Voltages


I recently purchased an EVAL AD5360 board, but am having trouble getting the board to function.  My initial problem involved my computer not recognizing the device ('No eval board found'), but I downloaded the drivers provided here and now the eval board shows up in my Device Manager correctly, and the USB software recognizes the device. 


Unfortunately, I am still unable to output any voltages.  I have +/- 12V on VDD and VSS, +5V on DVCC, and am connected by USB.  I can adjust the hex values in the software, pulse LDAC, and the software tab indicates that there should be voltages on my pins, but when I check the J4 Header pins, they are all at 0V.


I thought perhaps I had accidentally fried something when making my power supply connections, so I purchased a second board and tried it, but am faced with the same result.


Am I missing anything obvious?  I'm running Windows 8.1.  I assume that since my Device Manager recognizes the board, I have the correct drivers. 


I realize this is a fairly open-ended problem, but I hoped I might find some assistance here.  Purchasing two of these boards with no success is frustrating, and I'd like to not give up on the AD5360 if possible.


Thanks, and sorry for the long-winded question.