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crosstalk AD5582 dac 12bits parallel

I have a problem with the outputs of an analog -digital converter , a coupling between the channels when I triggered for the first time an output of a 4 dac 12bit AD5582 integrated in a very short parasitic pulse of a few hundred milivolts appears .
I use this DAC in a series of postcards that I have done on a controlled and parallel bus interface and labwiew NI DIO card on computer.
The only thing that is different is the datasheet and the CS is always zero in my program !.
LDAC and RW are also set to zero at all times and I drive the four outputs of simultaneous configurations by A0 to A1 registers. Wiotte Fabrice CNRS FRANCE


attached an equivalent configuration with another AD5344 but dac with AD5582 architecture is the same.

I found the problem
it was necessary for my electronics drive the CS a little late compared to my general sync signal as the drawing " STROBE OUT" .
I have no coupling or crosstalk between the outputs of my converters ...
output noise level is at a bit change in my application is 5mV .

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