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AD768S Accuracy


I'm interested in using the AD768S in a space application, as I've had success with it in the past on a previous space mission.  This mission's requirements include -20 to 60 deg C environment, a +/-10V range, 12-bit monotonicity, <+/-0.1% FS (0.020V) linearity error, and <0.2% FS (0.040V) total error.  The SMD doesn't seem to include the offset and gain tempco's.  I'm assuming the regular datasheet values should be used. The competitor's part is a DAC121S101QML.  The datasheet gain error tempco for this part is given as 'typical'.  I don't know if absolute min/max numbers are available.  Can you provide a second opinion about whether or not the AD768S device (and/or DAC121S101QML) will meet the requirements stated, and provide a total error calculated?  Please assume 0 error for supporting circuitry and gain and offset errors initially zero'd out.  If I use the DAC121S101QML, I will use a 5V reference/supply, bipolar output connection and a following 2x gain stage.  Any comparisons you can make would be appreciated. Thank you. JPJ



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