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     I have recently brought ADAU1966 evaluation board. I have installed automated register window builder given in the website with drivers. I connected USBi to evaluation board but my drivers are not properly installed. Also the xml files for ADAU1966 in ARWB folder looks for I2C address 0x08 but we configure for 0x00 in manual. In AWRB when I load xml files after changing address to 00 , still my device not detected. Also I didnt find 32 and 64 bit executable for installing software seperately in the site. Please suggest me a solution for this problem. Also please mail me correct executable to install AWRB software. I am using 64 bit windows 7.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 19, 2016 12:32 AM

    Hello Shalini,

    The latest revision, 3.2.0, has both versions in it so it will install the 32 bit or 64 bit depending on your system.

    Now, the drivers I have found that there are some difficulties on some systems. What usually works well is to download SigmaStudio. That installation package seems to do a better job with the drivers. They both use the USBi so once you install them with SigmaStudio they will be there for the ARWB program to use.

    However, I might add here that SigmaStudio has a nice interface to control the 1966 from there. I will attach a project to help you with the setup. Load up the project and click on "Link/Compile/Download" button and you will be controlling the part.

    The SigmaStudio GUI is setup to be easy for a user to use with the controls grouped in logical sections. The ARWB program is a very simple program setup just as the registers are organized. You see the registers and each bit. Recently I have been using SigmaStudio more often to control the evaluation boards.

    You can find SigmaStudio here: SigmaStudio | Analog Devices

    Download the beta version to get the latest revision.

    Regarding the address settings. If you look at Figure 12 in the datasheet, you will notice that there is one bit that it hard-coded high inside the part for the address. The address pins will add MSBs to the address of the part and then there is the read/write bit. So for a write (bit 0 is low) and the address pins are both low, then the address will be 0x08. For a read it will be 0x09. If address 0 pin is high then it will be 0x48 and if only address bit 1 is high then it is 0x88 etc.

    Dave T
  • Hello Dave,

                      I installed Sigma studio. But then also it didn't work. On close observation I found that the software installed from site do not have x86 and x64 folders. Then I searched and got an executable from some other post for AWRB. I installed it and I got x64 folder also. So please update software in site. Then  got it working. But in my friends computer it worked simply with Sigma studio drivers.

    With Regards