Audio Codec 16-24 bit six output Vs six 16bit DAC

Dear ADI support Team,

I have customer ( separately I can provide detail of customer and business dimention ) that needs for an industrial application  to figure out if better to use 16-24 bit Audio codec (like ADAU1328 BSTZ – six channel ) or DAC ( 16 bit x 6 channel ) solution

From Audio community I already got information that probably Audio codec solution would fit in this application…but they also suggest to check in this forum where they feel  probably  I will get a better answer/solution.

Let me explain a bit more about customer needed:

They need 4 ( 6 is better ) high resolution PWMs at max 2 MHz of frequency. To achieve that they think to use 4 ( or 6 ) high speed comparators, in which, into the inverting input, there is a 2 MHz triangular wave from about 0 to about 3,3V maximum, and Into the not inverting inputs of each comparator there are connected the output of high resolution DACs, one for channel, so they  can change the output square wave duty cycle, simply changing the output voltage of each DAC.
In their design the outputs of the DACs would be from 0 to 3.3V, the common mode outputs should be a little complicated because it needs to add differential amplifier … if it is possible and if it works good, but they think
the voltage levels should be adapted any way.

Performances are important not forgetting the cost.
Can you suggest the better solution?

Can you also suggest part number to be use ? ( in case both DAC and Comparator  )


Thank you so much