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AD5689R the right choice?

I am trying to choose a DAC for my design. The intention is to have the DAC to output a voltage reference 0V to 5V which have a minimum resolution of 12 bits. I wanted the DAC to be more versatile as it might be able to generate a simply sinewave or arbitrary signal (will design filter to limit the bandwidth).

My question is, is AD5689R suitable for my application?

I would like to have a DAC that can hold my voltage if I need  DC signal, and change the voltage level at a controllable rate if I need a sinewave or arb signal.

Or am I asking for too much

  • Hi Tyrone,

    The AD5689R is a 16-bit DAC, with internal 2.5V reference, and if you power from 5V supply and set the gain to 2, you'll be able to output 0 to 5V.  If you're going to sink/source more than a few mA of current, then you'll need to take output headroom/footroom into account as well (see relevant TPC in the data sheet).



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