Dear Sir,

   Would you please help to provide the AD5593R's die temperature individual in ambient-40 and 85°C?

Thank you very much!

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  • Dear Sir,

    Would you please kindly help to provide about the AD5593R the IC package body temperature individual in ambience -40 degree and +85 degree condition when chip fully working?

    Thank you very much!

  •  Hi ,

    The die temperature will depend on the power dissipated by the device.

    Thermal Resistance figures on page 7 on the datasheet will allow you to calculate the increase in temperature from the ambient depending on the power dissipation.

    What voltages and currents are you trying to source on your outputs and what package are you using? I can help you calculate the power dissipation.

    With outputs unloaded, the increase in temperature is less than 1°C in the TSSOP package.



  • Dear Mike,

    Can you help to calculate the power dissipation under below condition? 


    Voltage = 5V

    Current = Max in spec

    Package = TSSOP

    And would you please kindly help to fill below table?

    Power Consumption(Watt)



    Ambient Temperature()






    Thank you very much!!


  • Hi ,

    To calculate I need to know more information.

    Please see example below, you can base your own calculations on it.

    AD5593R Configuration:

    - 8 DACs,

    - Internal Reference (2.5V)

    - Gain = 2

    - VDD = 5V, VLogic = 1.8

    - 1k load on each channel

    - Each DAC output = 1V

    IDD = 1.6mA (Datasheet spec table)

    ILogic = 3.5uA (Datasheet spec table)

    Power Consumption (Unloaded) = (1.6mA * 5V) + (3.5uA * 1.8V) = 8mW

    Driving 1V with a 1k load would give a current of 1mA out on each channel.

    The internal amplifiers in the DAC is supplied with 5V. The output of these amplifiers will be 1V. Therefore, 4V must be dropped in the device at 1mA. Power dissipated per channel = 1mA * 4V = 4mW.

    On 8 channels, this is 32mW.

    Total Power Dissipated = 40mW.

    16-lead TSSOP, θJA = 112°C/W.

    Increase in temperature = 4.48°C

    Tj at ambient -40°C = 35.52°C

    Tj at ambient 85°C = 89.48°C



  • Dear Mike,

    Thank you for your kindly replied.

    And I think Tj at ambient -40°C = 35.52°C

    Is it should be -35.52°C?


    Anyway, I am very appreciate for your kindly help.