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AD5535B supply voltages and output stability

The AD5535B data sheet, in the Specifications section, shows V+ =5.0V and AVCC=5.25V, but in the same table, VREF_IN shows a requirement that both of these voltages must be greater than VREF_IN  + 1.15V.  Can you resolve this contradiction?  With VREF IN=4.096V, what are the recommended voltages for V+  and AVCC, and is it possible to meet specs with a single voltage for both?  Is there an updated Fig. 10 showing the new 550uA output current?  Is there a Spice model for the new HVA, and if not, will the outputs be stable with a 15nF load if a 1K or other suggested resistor is in series?  Are there any plans to qualify this part for space?  Thanks much!