I2C Read operation on AD5675R


we use the AD5675R in some of our current projects and I'm trying to read back the current DAC values which were previously written. Writing the values is not a problem, I can measure the output signal according to the settings I'm sending to the DAC.

The problem starts when I try to read the DAC. The datasheet of the AD5675R says I'm suppose to address the device via its slave address followed by the command byte. Both are acknowledged by the slave, which is expected.

After that I address the slave again but this time with the R/W bit enabled. And her comes the problem, the slave will not acknowledge it's address this time.

I've already checked the timings and frequency of the SCL and SDA signals, but I could not find anything that would explain the problem.

Before I go further into the problem. I want to ask if anybody had a similar issue? I haven't found anything related to the  AD5675R with the search. Could it be that the data sheet is incorrect and the read procedure is different. Could it be worse and the AD5675R is actually not readable at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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