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AD5672R: Command 0011 unclear / inconsistent

Dear Madam or Sir,

I try to use the 0011 command of the AD5672R. I'm not sure about what it does.

According to table 16 of the data sheet I would expect, that the input register and dac channel addressed by the address field (DB16 to DB19) get written / updated with the data in the spi telegram (DB0 to DB15). This would also explain the naming of the command "Write to and update DAC Channel n".

The detailed explanation of the command on page 26 sounds somewhat different:

"Command 0011 allows the user to write to the DAC registers and updates the DAC outputs directly. Bit D7 to Bit D0 determine which DACs have data from the input register transferred to the DAC register. Setting a bit to 1 transfers data from the input register to the appropriate DAC register."

What is true?

If the table was true, there must be data to be written into the input register n, but according to the detailed explanation the bits D0 to D7 are already used to select the DACs in a mask manner.

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