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AD5672R Daisy chain not working


I'm currently working on daisy chaining 2 AD5672R DACs together, I've sent in the command(1000 and DB0=1) to enable the daisy chain mode but it doesn't seem to be responding to the command. I've attached a snap of the chipscope signals and i believe it is what is recommended on the datasheet. The first 8 writes are for the first AD5672R and the secnond 8(longer writes) are for the second AD5672R. could you please advice me on the normal process for daisy chaining these DACS. Also not seen in the pics is the LDAC is held low for the duration of the run any help would be great.

Thank you
  • Hello Ivan

    Ok here is the results of the first write sequence that was suggested, as expected it didn't work. the first chip programmed but the second one did not. 

    FRAME1: 24 bit setting DAC_1 to daisy mode

    FRAME2: 48 bits total, most significant (left) 24 bit = daisy mode intended for DAC_2,  least significant (right) 24 bit = NOP

    FRAME3: 48 bits total


    yellow = sclk

    green = DIN for chip one

    blue = DIN for chip two

    purple = SYNC