Questions about chip AD5750-2BCPZ

I am working for FPGA project using chip AD5750-2BCPZ recently,and face with some trouble:

(1)According to the data sheet,pins( VSENSE+ and VSENSE- ) are used to protect the device, will they protect the load or just protect the chip AD5750-2BCPZ?

(2)According to the data sheetpins( VSENSE+ and VSENSE- ) also have detection function. My question is, should we input voltage from VSENSE and get the output signal from VOUT? If I want to verify the correctness of the transform from  digital signal to analog signal, can I use VSENSE to do that? 


Thank you for answering my question!

  • Hi,

    1)The 2.5Mohm resistors connected from VSENSE+ to VOUT and from VSENSE- to internal device ground are designed to protect the AD5750-2.

    2)Yes, the VSENSE+ and VSENSE- pins helps to correct VOUT by remote sensing. The sense pins can be connected as close as possible to the load so that VOUT is maintained at the load and not at the VOUT pin. Also note that the sense pins are like feedback to the output amplifier so I'm not sure what you mean by "verifying the correctness of the transform from digital to analog signal". If you want to get the accuracy, you should compare the measured output with the expected/computed output. 

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