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  1/2 channel 0~10V differential ADC IC

Hi, Can you recommand a 1/2 channel 0~10V differential ADC(same DAC IC is needed) IC ?

  • Hello,

    For us to give you better DAC recommendations, would you be able to answer a couple of questions? We would like to narrow it down to the parts that would definitely fit to your application.

    • Would you be able to share how you are going to use the part, or the main application?
    • Would you have any resolution, noise, error, or output slew rate requirements?
    • Is your application specific to the communication protocol (I2C, SPI, parallel, etc)?

    In the meantime, here is a list of DACs that has 1 or 2 channels and can produce unipolar outputs.



  • Hi Mark, thank you answer me quickly!

    In my application, another device need to control my motor service and need motor service give some response,

    the control signal is a 0~10V differential analog signal, and the response signal is 0~10V differental signal too.

     ADC IC should meets

      1) 12 bits  resolution at least,

      2)  sample rate output bigger than 256K

     3) communication protocol ,  SPI is best.

     4) to reduce cost  1/2 channel is best.

    In my application ADC IC and DAC IC are both needed, could you give me an advice ?

  • Hi,

    ADI has A/D & D/A Converter Combinations but the parts don't meet your requirements so we have to do this the brute force way. I would be able to assist on the DAC part. You may want to check the following parts:



  • Hi IQ Yu,

    Apologies. I have overlooked the differential aspect that you are looking for. Also, I have not seen a differential output precision DAC (Please let me verify the list and get back to you the soonest). The differential output DACs that I have seen are audio DACs like the ADAU1966.

    However, we can convert the single-ended output of the DAC to a differential output by the use of special ADI amplifiers. The output load requirement, slew rate, and total error that your system can tolerate should be taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate amplifier. Please take a look at the AD8476 a Low Power, Unity Gain Fully Differential Amplifier & ADC Driver which has 35 mA drive.

    As for the ADC selection, I am tapping Jonathan() of the ADC group to provide recommendations for your ADC requirements.



  • Hi,

       For the ADC, based from the data that you mentioned, I would recommend checking AD7903(16 bit- 2Channel SAR ADC), AD7175-2 and AD7176-2 (24 bit 250k, 4Channel Sigma Delta ADC). For future reference, you can try performing a parametric search in the ADI website and filter the parameters based from the needed specification from your application.|10000000&p193=12|13|14|16|24&p3062=2|4&d=sel|0|s8|193|1746|3062|4364|s3|4748|4907|3970|2846|4365|4363|s5|4913&p4363=Differential&p4913=4.5|10.2 



  • Hi  Mark

    For ADC, I need the ADC to be differential 0~10V signal input, not singel ended input,

    For DAC,  It's same as ADC that the output should be differential 0~10V signal output, not singel ended type.

    could you recommand agian for DAC IC,  and how can I get information about ADC ?

    B.R.    IQ Yu

  • Hello,

    I should also mention the ADAU1977 audio ADC. It is differential and can handle up to 10V rms input. However, the max sample rate is 192kHz so I do not know if your application must go to 256kHz fs. So this part may not work out for you.

    Dave T

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