Your DAC that have a AGND-bias function like a AD7226

Hi Analog Expert !

I am just looking for your good DAC as following function.

1) "AGND bias" function like a AD7226 

2) WIth parallel data BUS also /WR pin like a AD7226.

I tried to find on your web page and compass, but I could not find your good device.

As you know AD7226 is old device, so I would like to recommend current new device to our customer.

Next development have the life for more than 10 years.

Do you have a good device with such requirement ?

Thanks Kaos

  • I'm going to move this to the Precision DAC community where they can help you better. You might look at the AD5304 and/or AD5307 as newer alternatives to this part.

  • Hi Mark-san, Dan,

    Yes I also checked your web page as following.

    But my customer needs GND bias function because his external sensor needs to shift the GND bias level for his application. He is using your AD7226KRZ old product and he know this. So he should replace current one to another DAC. 

    Maybe he needs some combined circuit.

    I will ask this to our local ADI TSM, if so.

    Anyway thank you for your kindly comment here always !!

    Thanks Kaos

  • Thanks Dan!

    Hi Kaos-san!

    As  have said, the AD5304 and AD5307 which have serial interfaces are the newer alternatives for the part. Maybe you could ask the customer the application in which they are using the old part? If the customer is doing a new design, they might have considered serial parts that are generally faster than the parallel parts. Also if you could ask for other specific requirements, we could make a list of the DACs that they might be interested to look at.



  • Hi Kaos-san,

    I understand you are looking for newer DACs but would you consider these two DACs? AD7835 and AD7836 are both LC2MOS quad 14-bit DACs that is capable of adjusting your offset for the output of the DAC's and has the /WR for the parallel interface.

    Hope this helps.



  • HI Mark-san,

    Thank you for your suggestion

    Both AD7835 and AD7836 have the +Vref / -Vref function I found.

    Does this means Bias function?

    Thanks Kaos