AD5762R does not output full +/-10V range

I am using the AD5762R in a design and have them populated on 4 boards.  The output range should be +/-10V, but on 3 of these I get a limited range of -10V to ~+7.5V on both A&B channels.  The DAC on the 4th board works properly.  These were all bought together, probably came from the same lot.  2 of the DACs have these markings:





I do not have access to the other 2 to see if they have identical markings.  Is there a known issue or a configuration step that I am overlooking?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 4, 2017 7:10 PM


    To be able to understand your problem, could you share more about your application, more specifically the schematic diagram? Is the AD5762R the only difference in the 4 boards? Do they have the same device and board setup and power supply sources? Are there loads connected to the part?

    As for the markings, unfortunately, we are unable to provide information about parts in the EngineerZone community based on their markings. We suggest going back to your point of purchase to get this information. Note that ADI only provides warranty coverage or any quality, reliability, failure analysis, applications, or other support on products purchased through ADI authorized distributors and sales offices. To ensure you are receiving unused, legitimate ADI product, please ensure all purchases are made through the ADI authorized distributors and sales offices listed on our website at:



  • I did find the problem after thinking about your question about connected loads.  I have the outputs connected directly to op amps, adding minimal load, but the ISCC pin on the DAC (programmable short-circuit current protection) had a 120K resistor to ground connected.  This was limiting the current to 500μA.  I removed this resistor so that the DAC would default to a 5mA limit and this solved the problem.  BTW, you also mentioned the point of purchase for the parts; they came from Digi-Key  Thanks for your response to my questions.