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How to write/control of each channel in AD5380 & AD5383


My customer are considering to use AD5380 (DAC with 40Ch) or AD5383 (DAC with 32ch) in their system

They were used AD5370 and AD5370 has a channel addressing table (with address information of each channel) in it's datasheet.

And they used this channel addressing table for control/write each channels in AD5370.

But I can find monitoring feature using channel addres in AD5380 & AD5383 only.

So I need your advice how to write/control of each channel in AD5380 & AD5383.

Q1) Can they write data per each channel in AD5380 or AD5383?

It means that they wanr to write specific data value to one specific channel and then monitor the output of  this specific channel.

Q2) If they can do, how to write data per each channel ?

In case of AD5370, they can access to specific channel using address information in a channel addressing table.

Please advise me.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



  • Hi,

    The address bits in the input shift register, A5:A0 for the AD5380 and A4:A0 for the AD5383, determine the channel being written to. If REG0=1 and REG1=1, data (DB13:DB0) is written to the input register of the channel selected by the address bits. A low signal on LDAC loads the input register data to the DAC register and changes the output.

    A5:A0 = 'b000000 = DAC0

    A5:A0 = 'b000001 = DAC1

    A5:A0 = 'b000010 = DAC2


    A5:A0 = 'b100110 = DAC38

    A5:A0 = 'b100111 = DAC39

    A4:A0 = 'b00000 = DAC0

    A4:A0 = 'b00001 = DAC1

    A4:A0 = 'b00010 = DAC2


    A4:A0 = 'b11110 = DAC30

    A4:A0 = 'b11111 = DAC31