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AD5544: Bandwidth charts for code different than FFFF


I need data about AC behavior of AD5544 but in the datasheet, picture 21 shows:

* only data for AD5554 (14-bit) but I need that data for AD5544 (16-bit)

* only for code 0xFFFF, but I'm interested in data for lower codes to be able to compare i.e. with LTC1590, see page 4, figure "Multiplying Mode Frequency Response vs Digital Code" or attached picture with both charts. 

Thanks in advance for providing me such information!

  • Hi,

    Figure 21 is also applicable to the AD5544. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the data (per bit multiplying response) that you are looking for because it is still being evaluated. We cannot commit a date for the availability of the data. Nonetheless this data will be included in the next data sheet update.