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generation  sinusoid with help AD7538

I design electrodrive micromotor. Micromotor supply 3 sinusoid with
variable-amplitude and frequency (0-53 Hz or 0-106 Hz; 540 point on
period). Configuration chanel(1 faze): DAC AD7538 with AD8675,summarize
AD8675, filter 1 or 2 degree on AD8675, power op amp OPA549E. Amplitude
control DAC AD7538 with AD8675(supply on Ref faze DAC chanel). /LDAC use to
simultaneous generation point sinusoid.
Please verify delay your device (if delay bad, repair):
-chanel(1 faze): DAC AD7538 with AD8675 (1,5mks max DAC current rise+
(1/10MHz)*5=0,5mks AD8675); summarize AD8675
(1/10MHz)*5=0,5mks; filter on
AD8675 (1/10MHz)*5=0,5mks + setup time filter
-chanel change amplitude: DAC AD7538 with AD8675 (1,5mks max DAC current rise+
(1/10MHz)*5=0,5mks AD8675)
What is approximately nonsimultaneous in work chanel?
What is recommended for simultaneous generation point sinusoid and
more qualitative generation sinusoid?
Is there change input Ref resistance on change code DAC?
Is there error DAC AD7538 with AD8675 through line A-G AD7538 not R-2R?
AD7538 work with negative Ref?