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Prototyping with the AD5535B EVAL board

I am using an EVAL-AD5535BSDZ evaluation board to play with the AD5535 chip. I can use the provided software (through an SDP-S module).

First off: I have heard people mention LabVIEW examples but cannot find them anywhere. Can anyone help me with this?

Second: I am hoping to take several eval boards (>1 AD5535 chips) to gain more channels. How would you recommend doing this? The LabVIEW examples may take care of this question on its own.

Third: Eventually we would like to develop this into a custom single board module. What approach might you recommend in making this multi-AD5535 chip board? Are the gerbers/board design files for the EVAL board available?

Feel free to answer any of the above. The third question is mostly a brainstorm session to gain some of the community's experience and wisdom. I am not expecting anyone to do the work for me. Thank you everyone, I appreciate it!

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