Is it possible to use the DAC10 without an evaluation board?

Hello, I am an electrical engineering student at a large university, trying to interface a DAC10 digital to analog converter with a microprocessor to produce an output signal based on a changing 10-bit input, and I have a few questions/problems I've been running into. I've never worked with DACs before, so I'm not well versed on how to use them, and that's probably why I'm running into problems.

I've tested the "Basic Positive Reference Operation", "Basic Unipolar Negative Operation", and "Basic Bipolar Output Operation" using a breadboard, and my output signal appears to be wrong. I am inputting a square wave (alternating between 0000000000 and 1111111111 input values), with a 50% duty cycle and varying periods (1 microsecond to 1 second) but each time the input changes, the output voltage spikes, then quickly drops to zero, when it should be outputting a square wave. Is this expected behavior?

In addition, is it possible to use the DAC10 without an evaluation board? I would assume this is the case, but it seems the setup diagrams in the datasheet are much simpler than the EVMs for other DACs. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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