AD5724 with current source/sink circuit

I am working on building a stimulation circuit that could generate max 100uA bidirectional current. I am planning to use AD5724 and a current source/sink. Do you have any suggestions on implementing the current source/sink with AD5724?

Is there any current DAC with high impedance that can directly drive the load available?


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  • Hi Veronica,

    A Vout DAC (16 bit) with AD5750 can be used to produce sink/source current, however, the minimum current output range is +/- 20mA, which is way above your target ( +/-100uA) , which means fewer steps for your application. Another limitation is that the device only has 1 channel.

    Using a mutiple channel voltage DAC with OPAMPS (for current source) is a good approach, may I know if you are currently satisfied with the performance of voltage DAC with howland current source? Do you see any limitation on this configuration? Thanks!



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