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what is the maximum analog output frequency of AD5791?


i want to know the maximum analog output frequency of ad5791  for max input frequency of 35 MHz ?

thanks in advance!



  • Hi,

    There is no update rate specification in AD5791's datasheet. But using table 4 of the datasheet, we can compute the time needed for the output to respond to a change in digital code. This is interface timing plus the output settling time.

    So, for IOVcc= 3.3V to 5.5V:

    T= T1*23 + T4+ T5+T6+T14+ Tsettle

    T= 28nS*23 + 5 nS + 2 nS + 40 nS + 130 nS +Tsettle

    T= 821 nS + Tsettle

    Tsettle depends on the output step and the capacitive load. Though there is a defined settling time for certain conditions in the datasheet. Hope this helps.