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DEMO-5700D2Z: AD5421 unexpected current in loop


I just bought DEMO-5700D2Z board and was verifying the functionalities. Last week I dumped the demo code provided, the current loop was varying from 4mA to 20mA as expected. But when I dumped the same code today, the current loop is as high as 80mA. I checked loading a different code (just to blink an LED) but still the current is above 80mA. I disconnected the rest of the circuitry from AD5421 and saw that it still took 80mA. Fault pin is high. I measured the voltage between COM and LOOP-, which was 4.47V implying almost 86mA is flowing through the 52ohm resistance inside the chip.

But I'm unable to locate what the exact problem is. Could anyone throw some light on what might the error be and what other parameters I should be checking?