Incorrect clock configuration AD5700


Is it possible to use AD5700 with external clock source 3.6864 MHz to the XTAL 1, when

1) ~XTAL_EN = 0

2) CLK_CFG1 = 1

3) CLK_CFG0 = 1


The device will soon be launched into production, and I don't know whether to urgently fix or leave as is? Prototypes have been successfully tested.

  • Hi TVS,

    If you are using an external 3.686MHz clock source on XTAL1 pin, you need to have the following configuration on these pins:

    1) ~XTAL_EN = 1

    2) CLK_CFG1 = 0

    3) CLK_CFG0 = 0

    You current configuration is using the internal 1.2288MHz crystal oscillator. Kindly see Table 7 on the data sheet for more details. I don't know how were you able to successfully tested your prototypes with the incorrect clock configuration.

    Best regards,