AD5560 DUTGND voltage range


DUTGND voltage range is specified -1V to +1V in Table1.

When exceeding this voltage range with pull-up function disabled, is DUTGND clamped internally +1V or -1V?

I would like to know whether AD5560 work normally or not when DUTGND exceeding the voltage range.



  • Hi HM,

       DUTGND doesn't clamp to +/-1V. I would assume that your DUTGND and AGND are not tied together and the DGS alarm is disabled by setting the disable /DUTALM bit high(Register 0x6, Bit 10). The device should still work normally but a word of caution since the AD5560 would be sort of floating on that voltage. Is there a reason why you are doing this? Could you maybe provide a diagram of what you are doing? If this is something you feel is confidential, please email me at Lastly, to see this condition for yourself, I would recommend doing it on our EVAL-AD5560EBUZ Eval board. This gives you a chance to play with the DGS DAC function as well on how it interacts with your condition as you play with its value.

    Best regards,


  • Hi, Tom,

    Thank you for your support.

    I'll prepare my condition and contact to you soon.