EVAL-AD5766 Issues

We have a EVAL-AD5766 (both LFSP and WLCSP packages) with a EVAL-SDP-CB1Z for control through the ACE software. We are seeing SPI read/write fails using these eval kits together. The boards will work for a few minutes and then get latched up. It occurs on both LFSP and WLCSP eval boards. When the boards are working, we set the span selection to +5/-5V and cannot get the DAC outputs to reach these spans. We are seeing a FFFF hex register map to 4.6V and a 0000 hex register map to -4.6V.

We are powered  through clean (30mV noise) bench power supplies, +/-7V for AVDD/AVSS and +3.3V AVCC. Vlogic is pulled up to +3.3V.

Any help would be appreciated.

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