AD5592r Sequence conversion mode

Does any one use the AD5592r sequence conversion mode (or so called the burst mode)? I am experiencing some issues when use the sequence conversion mode. In general, it works fine but once a while, the AD5592r will send two consecutive channel 1 ADC value out.

for example:

The following is the correct ADC values with the correct channel inex.

0207 11C4 2197 31EB 41D4 519F 61DF 71BC

But once a while the first channel ADC will be sent twice miss the last channel ADC value

0207 0208 11C4 2196 31EB 41D3 519E 61DF

The failure rate is around 0.5%. There is no pattern. it is purely random.

I will appreciate if any one has any answer or solution.


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