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AD5421 loop current


I'm using AD5421 in my design.

When I'm powering on my board. I was powering MCU power first and then the loop power(24V). Initial response of 3.2mA and 4mA was fine. But when I changed it to 8mA, I saw 8mA for 1 or 2secs and then it changed back to 4mA. Again I changed 12mA I observed 12mA for 1 or 2 sec and then again back to 4mA. Same is continued with all values throughout range. Please let me know how I can correct this.

When I changed powering sequence it was proper. Please help me out on how I can correct this, as providing 24V before MCU power will make other part in the loop path to cross it's absolute rating (Which are powered from MCU power)  in which case I found initial current of 50mA in loop. Please help me out.


Nidhi P Shetty