AD5602 command list

I was going through the AD5602 datasheet and could not find any registers map or commands list to talk to DAC.

  1. How to read the ad5602 chip status?
  2. How to perform software reset?
  3. How to instruct to generate output?

Any information will be useful to move forward. Thanks in advance.

Added link to datasheet
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  • Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for your response. 

    Actually I have my hardware built with AD5602 on it. I have two AD5602 connected on the same I2C bus with STM32 MCU. In another project, I have used AD5761. So in comparison with AD5761 and AD5602, I am a bit confused about how to drive the AD5602 DAC.

    In order to generate DAC output voltage, after power on, I just put my target voltage in the data field and send it over I2C? Is it enough?