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AD5252 Bandwidth?


I am working on a circuit that has an pulse input from an FPGA with LVCMOS3V3 level. The pulse can range from 50ns to 1ms.

The circuit should convert this LVCMOS3V3 signal to a variable 5V to 28V signal with a rise and fall time less than 10ns. (Level Conversion)

I am considering using a current feedback amplifier in non inverting configuration with a variable gain.

I think AD5252 would serve my purpose in terms of adjusting the resister in the amplifier, however there is spec in the datasheet that bothers me.

It says its bandwidth is 4MHz. Does this mean that the variable resistor in AD5252 will affect my frequency response, in terms of rise and fall times of the output pulses?

I appreciate any help in terns of this solution of mine OR any other possible solutions to my problem that I stated at the start of this message.

I am really having hard time finding a possible solution to the problem.

Kind Regards


  • Hi,

    It will absolutely affect the frequency response, the bandwidth of AD5252 is also code-dependent as shown by Figure 15 of the data sheet.

    I want to get a better understanding of what you are trying to create.

    Can you draw a block diagram and the expected input and output signals? That will give a better understanding of your requirements.