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AD5672R not setting its output to default value while in RESET


I am not able to use the RESET pin to set the DAC outputs to default values before I program the DAC.

Here is what I do :

- RSTSEL is set to VLOGIC, because I want a default output voltage of 2.5V

- t0 : DAC V_LOGIC is supplied with 3.3V ; RESET is hold high

- t1 : DAC VDD is supplied with 5V

- t2 : RESET is set low for 10ms, and back high. I did this to be sure the DAC outputs were at a safe value (2.5V) before I program the DAC. But it does not work: the DAC outputs stay at 0V during the 10ms RESET.

- t3 : I program the DAC to output a voltage of 3.3V. It works properly

Am I doing something wrong? Why don't I have 2.5V at the output of my DAC during RESET? 

One funny thing iI noticed is that if I keep the RESET pin high all the time, the DAC is setting its output to 2.5V after is it powered up, which is what I want. But it is doing the opposite of what is said in the datasheet... I need this to be clarified.

Thank you,

Maxime Puech

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