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EVAL-AD5790 Help

Hi, in my setup, I used an Arduino mega to send command bitcodes to the EVAL-AD5790 to set voltages, but I think I overloaded them by entering too high of a voltage (around 10V). When I used them to output 5V previously, they worked perfectly. However, after overloading them, the DACs stopped working, even with the SDP board.

I then purchased new, replacement EVAL boards, and using the exact same hardware/code at 5V, they didn't work, even with the SDP board after implementing them in the setup I had before. What may have caused the new DACs to not work with the SDP board after being used in my setup? (Note, the power supplies of +/-15V and the 5V work just fine, and the code worked with the old DACs in the same configuration). 

I can provide more details of how I'm using the SDP board to make sure I'm using it correctly, but I'm essentially just using it as the manual states, and then once connected to a desktop, I don't change the settings on the screen and try to have the DACs output some voltage, but they don't respond. 

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