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Controlling EVAL-AD5790 with Arduino MEGA microcontroller

Hi, I'm trying to control an EVAL-AD5790 board with an Arduino MEGA using SPI communication, essentially to control the output voltage using a desktop which plugs into the Arduino. I'm a beginner in this field and am a high schooler, so if you see any glaring mistakes in my build, please let me know.  Attached are images of the device, which I've adapted from the Seekat QUAD-AD5780 from along with the code I'm using.

 As soon as I initialize the DACs, they output -10V regardless of what I tell them to, what may be causing this? Before I initialize, the DACs do not output any voltage. What may be a good way to debug this? Similarly, I cannot control the output voltage after initialization. Am I writing to the DAC register wrong? 

*Note: VDD and VSS receive +15/-15V respectively, and VCC receives +5V from the Arduino. I am using an Acopian TD15-40 as my power supply. 

Link to code:

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