LTC2662 with proportional solenoid valve

I want to use the LTC2662 to drive small (<50mA, >250Ohm) proportional solenoid valves.

Due to the inductive nature of the load, is it recommendable to use
a) a capacitor in parallel to compensate step-increases in current?

b) a fly-back diode?

What would be the advantages or disadvantages?

TIA, Beat

  • Ok, I believe I can answer b) after re-thinking it:
    Because the voltage spike is going directly to ground, a fly-back diode is not necessary for this configuration.

    And I will re-word a):
    Is it possible to avoid the transient open-circuit fault signal that follows a step-increase in current?  If so, how and is there anything to be gained from it (faster settling, for instance) other than triggering the signal?