How to activate AD5761R output


I desperately try to activate the voltage output of my AD5761R DAC, but without any success up to now. So I hope that anyone can help...

For communication via SPI, I use a Arduino Micro which is connected to the DAC as shown in the image.

After Power up I send the following commands:

1) "Software full reset" (0b10101111 0b00000000 0b00000001)

2) "Write to control register" (0b10100100 0b11111110 0b00111011)

3) "Readback control register" (0b10101100 0b11111000 0b00100001) followed by a "No operation" (0b10100000 0b11111000 0b00100001) to get the data on SPO

--> The data perfectly matches the sent data from 2)

4) "Write to input register" (0b10100001 0b11111111 0b11111111)

5) "Update DAC register from input register" (0b10100010 0b11111111 0b11111111)

--> If I understand the datasheet correctly, this should give me the maximum DAC output voltage in the chosen range (0...5V) which means 5V. But the output stays at 0V...

Furthermore, I've also already tried to trigger the DAC output updating by a falling edge of !LDAC! after step 4) or by sending the "Write and update DAC register" command, but also without success.

If I readback the input register or the DAC register, I get back exactly the data that I've written in it. But nevertheless, the output stays at 0V...

I would be very glad for any suggested solution of my problem!

Best regards,


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  • Hi Ivan,

    sorry for my late response!

    What do you measure at VREF pin?

    Yes, I did already measure the voltage at the VREF pin and it is at 2.5V.

    Though /CLEAR and /RESET pins can be left floating, can you tie it to logic high and see if it makes any difference?

    No, a connection to logic high does not make any change. The communication (writing to the different registers and the respective readbacks) works fine, but the output stays at 0V.

    I also checked the /ALERT pin and this one also behaves as expected, which means that it is low after power up and changes to high after first time writing to the control register.

    I'm really running out of ideas...

    Best regards,