Question for TUE of AD5754AREZ (10.8V mode)

Hi All,

This is SK Lee.

I have a question for AD5754AREZ.


I use +-10.8V mode. (bi-polar)

There is TUE information as below. (TUE means Total Unadjusted Error.)

- A Version  +- 0.3 %FSR (+- 10V Range) in data sheet

But I could't find TUE in +-10.8V Range.
Output of AD5754AREZ in +-10.8V mode was measured +-10.87V. (I use evaluation board of ADI)
I want to know why 0.07V(70mV) difference occurred.


What is the TUE in +-10.8V range ? (0.3 %FSR or 0.5%FSR ?)