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AD5624 Command 010 doesn't work

Dear Sirs,

We have a customer which is evaluating nano DAC AD5624. The engineer told that a command 010 which is reserved to Write to input register n and update all DACs(software LDAC) doesn't work properly.

if the engineer writes and update each DAC separately it works fine (using commands 000 + 001). However when he writes three DACs and then writes the final DAC and try update all it doesn't work.

Maybe there are special recommendations to the using this command (any Errata to the datasheet) or maybe there is a mistake?

he thought that it could be a mistake as another typo in the datasheet was detected: on pages 17 and 18 you can find that 'Command 110 is reserved for the software reset function (see Table 7)' and 'Command 110 is reserved for setting up the LDAC register'.

Could you please clarify?

BR Evgeny

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