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AD5764R Transfer function


In the AD5764R datasheet, we can find 2 tables (Table7 and Table 8) indicating relationship between 'Digital Input' and 'Analog Output'

I don't understand why in "Offset Binary Data Coding" the digital input 0x0000 implies Vout = -2Vref * 32767/32768. I would expect -2Vref * 35768/32768

Same problem in "Twos Complement Data Coding" with digital input 0x8000 (-32768), I would expect Vout = -2Vref * 32768/32768

I would expect Vout range from -2Vref to +2Vref *(32767/32768) instead of -2Vref *(32767/32768) to +2Vref*(32767/32768)

'Digital input' is coded on 16bits -> 65536 possible values Vout seems indicating only 2*32767+1 = 65535 values. It seems missing one value.

Am I wrong ? Do I miss something or a simple mistake is present in the datasheet ?



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