Send Analog pulse to the motor drive using AD5669 I2C module

Hi, I have been working on an automatic parking system and to control the motor drive Barrier I want to send an analog signal to the motor driver to switch on the barrier but being new to this I am using AD5667 I2C module.

I need some suggestion to make this module send an analog pulse to the motor driver 

Advices will be very useful

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  • Hi ,

    Do you already have a controller? Which part exactly are you having difficulty?

    Important things to keep in mind to make your setup functional:

    -proper connectivity with the controller  and also the supplies

    -learn the basics of i2c, page 22 of the data sheet describes the i2c serial interface of AD5669R and write operation

    -understand the contents of the input shift register of AD5669R together with the commands needed to control the output of AD5669R, this starts in page 23 of the data sheet.

    Please let me know if you still have any other questions.



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