help for the choice of the DA!!

Hello,I'm finding a DA satifing the follow factors:

a) can garantee the width of signal is 500ns~20us,and the repetition rate  of 10K~50KHz

b) can garantee the amplitude of the signal is 0V~4V 

Please help me,thank you!

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  • Hi,thank you for your reply! The "width of the signal" is the modulation signal that I want the DA to output. The signal  consists different amplitude square signals,and  likes modulation of the sine signal  and square signal.

     I need 8 channels of  the modulation signals, and the delay time of the any two-way signals of 6 channels  should not exceed 20ns.  Now I'm finding the method to acheive it.

    Can you help me to acheive it and offer the reference plan of it ?

    Thank you!!