AD5270 no response

Hello,  so we have an application where we use two AD5270 and i can get one to talk to me but i can't get the other one to change it's wiper position from mid-scale or anything. i've tried on multiple boards and still one works and one doesn't respond or change wiper position at all. just not sure where i am going wrong. here is a scope trace and measurements of my timing. also sending commands 0x1C02 and then 0x0400 (i have also tried first sending 0x2400 but no difference)

T1  = 1000 ns
T2  =  500 ns
T3  =  500 ns
T4  = 3360 ns
T5  =  500 ns
T6  =  500 ns
T7  = 1860 ns
T8  = 6.92 us
T9  = N/A
T10 = n/A

scope trace


spelling error
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