Need help picking Multiplying DAC, 60mV full scale output, 1uV resolution, input 5-10vDC, 2-quadrant


I have kind of a strange product to design, which I think starts with a multiplying DAC.

I'm given a DC voltage somewhere in the range of +5 to +10V. When the input is +10V I have to put out a signal which can range from -60mV to +60mV which is scaled from the DC input voltage. In other words, if the DC signal drifts a little, my scaling needs to drift with it, and if it drops to 5V the output would be half of what it was at 10V.

I need resolution on the output of about 1uV. The output change rate can be very slow, 1Hz update rate for example.

My thinking was to scale the input down before going into the DAC since otherwise I'm wasting a lot of the range.

Can you point me in a direction to start looking? Are there DACs that can multiply with such small input voltages?



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