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AD5685R external reference


Can AD5685R use 4.096V or 2.048V external reference ?

My customer would like to use AD5686R for 14bit, 4ch and  small package at 4.096V full-scale.

The datasheet says that  impedance of REF pin is very low and  the internal reference 2.5V is enabled at default setting.

So, I thought that the device may be damaged using external reference except 2.5V.

When I check the thread at EZ I found below  as description of above my concern.

( I think that AD5686R and AD5685R is the same reference circuit)

But  the external reference circuit of AD5686R evaluation board can  input 2.5V and 5V to AD5686R.

Actually  can AD568xR series  be supplied at 2.048V or 4.096V ?


Please let me know your advice.



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