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LTC2756 LDAC-Pin versa Write-Update-Command


as I am examining the command codes of the DAC, to me it is not clear, If a low level on !LDAC-Pin does the same as the update-command?
If I send a Write-Update-Command, is it then still necessary to pull !LDAC-Pin low afterwards? Or is it unnecessary then?

  • Hi,

    Someone is currently looking into this query and will give you a response as soon as possible.



  • From the datasheet:

    LDAC is an asynchronous update pin. When LDAC is taken low, the DAC is updated with code and span data (data in the Input buffers is copied into the DAC buffers). CS/ LD must be high during this operation; otherwise LDAC is locked out and will have no effect. The use of LDAC is functionally identical to the serial input command.

    You can use LDAC to program the part, OR a serial input command.  If update the part with a serial command then you do not need to use LDAC as well.  In order for LDAC to work correctly, CS must be high.