2664 and aruino getting started

I'm trying to use a linduino and a DC2376A-A demo board with the LTC2664A 16 bit DAC. I'm trying to convert a 0-5V signal to a 0-5V AC signal.  I plan to use only 1 channel, but have a +/- 10V span.  (I'm trying to emulate an AC input into a conductivity analyzer.)

I'm also relatively new to Arduino/linduino,so I have a few questions.
I've been reviewing the code for the header files for the 2664 in the LTCSketchbook, and as far as I can tell, I can include the spi.h, lt_spi.h, and Linduino.h headers in my code, and then all I need to do is call the functions found in the headers to send the data to the DAC.  is this correct?
How do I program the span?  I saw the command for it, but where do I put it in my code?
Is there a sample code somewhere that shows how to send data to the DAC?
any help with this is much appreciated!
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