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AD5722 - EXPOSED PAD + NC Pins

Hello there,

I am working on a design that involves an AD5722, operating from dual supplies (± 15 V) and bipolar output (output range ± 10 V).

I have two "simple/dummy" questions:

1 - Exposed Paddle: in data sheet (Rev. F | Page 10 of 32) says: "...This exposed paddle must be connected to the potential of the AVSS pin...". When working with symmetric supply and bipolar output: Couldn't it be connected to GND / DAC_GND or SIG_GND?

2 - NC Pins (2, 4, 6, 12, 13, 22): Can they be tie to GND / DAC_GND or SIG_GND?

Thanks for the support you provide.


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  • Hi ,

    1) You shouldn't connect it to the GND/DAC_GND/SIG_GND. You either connect it to AVSS or leave it unconnected.

    2) Please do not tie them to GND/DAC_GND/SIG_GND, just leave them unconnected…