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I am asking about the SPI timing of the AD5270/AD5271 for write operation.
Please tell me about tRDAC_R - PERF and tRDAC_NORMAL written in the data sheet.

We thought as follows:

Which is the right choice?

①Write command execution time of RDAC register

The value that determines 16-bit command transmission time as follows:
R-PERF:2 us max
NORMAL:600 ns max

②Specified time of SYNC

The value that determines High time of SYNC^ as follows:
500 ns or more,
Less than each time

③Clerical error of min time(Minimum SYNC^ high time for register write)

Although R-PERF is described as 2 us max and NORMAL as 600 ns max,
This is a clerical error of min.

④Clerical error of min time(Let the command transmission time be t8 + Trdac_r - perf)


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