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AD7302 Output from DAC A also present in DAC B

I have been using an AD7302 to produce two output for a simple function generator. These outputs are of different types, example DAC A outputting sin wave, DAC  B outputting triangle wave. However, whatever input I put into DAC A will also be present in DAC B. This is despite me having the automatic update mode activated, which means that only the currently selected DAC should be updated with the current input. When I update DAC B, it will briefly display the correct output then quickly change so that its output matches that of DAC A. What could be causing this issue?

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  • Hi ,

    Apologies for the late response.

    Can you share with us the scope shots when you were updating the two channels? please show A/B, /CS, /WR, DAC output channels.

    Have you tried using Simultaneous Update Mode if it works fine?

    In addition to that, what are the requirements of your systems? We might recommend another DAC for your application.



  • I have actually managed to solve my issue. I accidentally messed up the A/B pin with the /WR pin when wiring to my microcontroller. This resulted in the micro controller constantly altering the to A/B pin, when it should have been altering the /WR pin, and updating the wrong DAC. Thank you for taking the time to try and help though, it is much appreciated.